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Kylie. B.

My son is starting school in the autumn, and he loves music. I wanted him to have an edge and small understanding to make it even more fun for him.

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R. Tatum

I sit behind the kit sometimes in the choir band, and these vids and docs helped me understand what the choir director was talking about. 

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Chelsea S.

The rhythm course was super fun. I liked it.


What is Pitch?

We give you a little science behind the music

Donna K.

"My husband was considering lessons, he tends to hem and haw about things, I said for 20 bucks, try this out and see if you like it. He has signed up for private lessons since!"


"I play bass in my band and was just looking for new ideas. These vids helped."

Brendan M.


"My daughter doesnt say a peep when she's watching these on the iPad. Glad to see she's learning from them."

Brid F.