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Covid Concerts

What a time to be alive. The second wave of the pandemic is beginning, and things seem bleak. Some parents might be thinking, "Thank god my child has an instrument to practice, and their online lesson is scheduled every week." Indeed you'd be a happy camper with at least that in place. It is certainly more constructive than just playing video games and watching tv all week.

"Where is the practice going to lead?" one might ask. To the many virtual concerts taking place all around the world of course. Many institutions are hosting virtual concerts. Often times it requires the student/performer to send in the best video recording of them playing, which is a great learning experience in and of itself, and the academy ques up all the videos and someone from the establishment hosts it. It's almost as good as a real concert, but you know you're getting the very best performance the student can record.

All this is to say that you really can't beat the excitement and energy that comes with an actual concert, but it's not a bad substitute. It brings back memories of watching top 40 hits. Maybe you remember the old program. Someone would say a few words, then they'd play a music video or two, and you'd be delighted they played your favourite song.

It cannot be overstated what a big part of the soloist's development it is to watch other performers. They monitor the other artist's cool, or anxiety, and see how the entertainer's technique may differ from their own. So even if you're only slightly enthusiastic about attending a virtual concert, we would urge to try it at least once. You might even enjoy it.

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