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Is Ukulele Good To Start With?

Your child is thinking about starting an instrument.

So you investigate the initial costs of entry.

How much is the cost of a guitar, for example?

Wait! There are different sized guitars?

Full size guitar

3/4 size guitar

1/2 size guitar

Things seem to be getting a little complicated.

Maybe smaller is the way to go? Children tend to have small hands. Maybe it's best to keep costs down too, they are quite young, and there is no way to know if they'll stick with it.

Enter the Ukulele!

Small, cheap, and fun.

It can be purchased for well under $30 and a plethora of material is available in print and video form. The benefits are almost immediate:

One gains a knowledge of placing one's fingers on strings and making chord shapes. This tends to be the toughest part about the guitar.

To actual get a sound from the instrument, a bit of discomfort must occur. Known as "fretting" the notes, one must apply adequate pressure to the string in order for a sound to be produced. Often, this is considered the most challenging point when entering the string family.

The chord shapes are easier to master than the guitar, seeing as the ukulele has four strings, where as the guitar has 6.

Strumming patterns are identical to the guitar, which segues into an understanding of rhythm. Rhythm being the 1st element of music, it is perfectly transferable to literally any instrument post ukulele.

Favourite songs (both nursery and pop) are easily learned and motivate practice sessions.

So go on and buy that ukulele. There are much worse ways to spend thirty quid.

Any resistance to the purchase of a musical instrument can be dealt with by reading our previous post here.

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