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My Child Wants To Switch Instruments

We've all wanted to change gears, and try something different.

We lose interest in the task at hand and wonder, "Am I wasting my time here?".

Perhaps your child has stopped practicing all together, or when they are practicing, they are clearly messing and not focusing.

Certainly, there may come a moment when your child says, "I don't like (instrument), I want to play (other instrument) instead.

How seriously should you take this claim?

There are a great many examples of successful performers who began with one instrument and switched to another one:

Eddie Van Halen- Drums to Guitar

Steven Tyler of Aerosmith- Drums to Vocals

Roger Daltrey- Guitar to Vocals

And the list goes on and is even more extensive for performers who started on the piano.

Such as:

Aretha Franklin

Lady Gaga

Freddy Mercury

Axl Rose

And this is not to mention the the massive number of multi-instrumentalists out there.

In a perfect world, full of foresight, you would have invested minimally in your child's first instrument (ie. you didn't buy a grand piano to get them started, nor did you purchase a custom Fender Stratocaster when they expressed an interest in the guitar).

So, ideally it won't break the bank to invest, conservatively , in another instrument to have around the house.

We can even crunch some numbers to work it all out.

Electric Beginner Keyboard: €119.00

If used twice a month, the cost is a mere €4.95 per use.

If used four times a month, the cost diminishes to €2.47 per use.

Now, if you happen to have more than one child in the house, you can essentially divide all those costs in half yet again. The likelihood of a sibling picking up a discarded instrument is immense!

So although it may seem that we are leaning towards buying another instrument, we want to clarify that there is no substitute for self discipline, practice and sticking to what you started. Sometimes a little push from a parent is all that is needed, something like reminding the child of why they started in the first place, or acknowledging their progress thus far.

Hopefully now you might feel that all is not lost, and that there are potential benefits to the purchase of another instrument.

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