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A client took the time to write in and said,

"My son just started school, back early because of covid, and came home sad. When i pressed him for a bit more info I found out it was due to the music class now being taught by the art teacher. No problem there, and I'm sure she's doing an adequate job for most, but my son LOVES music. When I typed in "beginner music theory" to google your site popped up, and I'm very thankful it did. He loves the videos and worksheets. Can't get enough. I think it's a great way to supplement his usual education. I've told a few of my family and friends about Music Primero. Great idea. So worth the little money it cost. Thank you." -Ben L.

What a heart warming story! We thank you Ben, for taking the time to write in, and wish you and your son all the best!

It's a lovely thing to hear that the videos and tools are being used to further someone's education. That's exactly what they are designed to do.

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